DPNA 9-Week Blast

Resulting from measures taken due to COVID-19, Downey Park Netball Association (DPNA) are hosting a DPNA 9-WEEK BLAST competition in place of the regular 14 week season. The DPNA 9-WEEK BLAST is all about getting back to having fun on the netball court. It has been formatted to make sure all players can play as many games as possible, so there will be no finals or trophies.

Proposed format
9- Week BLAST DPNA 2020
Phoenix Netball Club will be participating in the DPNA 9-Week Blast. To ensure players are back training and with their teams as soon as possible, there will be no re-grading of teams.
However, due to COVID-19 restrictions we may need to reduce some team numbers and follow some other COVIDSafe rules when participating in the DPNA 9-Week Blast including:
  • 20 people in total on court or 10 people per team (this includes, players, coaches and managers - does not include umpires).
  • Parents are to drop and go. DPNA are still working out the details of how this will work.



  • Cost $150 per player (already registered with Netball Queensland)
  • Coaches and managers will receive a 10% discount on their first registration. Phoenix Netball Club will send returning players an invoice once you have confirmed you are playing.


Key Dates

  • Monday 13th July: Draw released
  • Saturday 18th July: Competitive games commence
  • Sunday 19th July: NetSetGo games commence

2020 9week Blast



It is fantastic to be able to return to sport. However, COVID-19 does mean there are some new requirements for playing and training. Everyone is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of our Phoenix Netball Club members and the wider DPNA community. Please familiarise yourself with these responsibilities via our Be COVIDSafe page.

A requirement for the club to return to playing is to have an approved COVID-19 Safety Plan and COVID-19 Safety Coordinator. A Statement of Compliance acknowledging our site as operating in compliance with an Industry COVID-19 Safety Plan.

COVID-19 Safety Coordinator: Renee Izzard


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is our COVID-19 Safety Coordinator?
A. Renee Izzard

Q. Do you have a COVID-19 Safety Plan?
A. Yes, the club’s COVID-19 Safety Plan has been submitted and approved. Downey Park Netball Association also have a COVID-19 Safety Plan, which ensures the health and safety of players when using Downey Park facilities.

Q. Can I watch my child play or train?
A. Unfortunately, there are NO SPECTATORS.. With the current restrictions in place, we are only permitted to have 20 people for every second court. Therefore, this count only includes players and a coach (depending on team numbers, this may also include a manager).

Q. When will training start?
A. Training can commence as soon as our COVID-19 Safety plan has been endorsed and teams have been confirmed.

Q. Why can’t we share bibs?
A. We have been advised that players are not allowed to share bibs at games. Bibs are also not currently permitted at training as part of the COVIDSafe restrictions.

Q. How will drop off to games work?
A. We are currently working with Downey Park regarding how drop off for players will work and will advise parents as soon as possible.

Q. What happens to my Netball Queensland registration if we are unable or choose not to play?
A. Requests for refunds of the Netball Queensland component of your registration should be sent to Netball Queensland. Phoenix Netball Club is unable to refund this part of your registration fee.

Q. I am concerned about drop and go for my child, especially NetSetGo players. How will this work?
A. DPNA are planning to have volunteers available at the Drop off zones to ensure players arrive at their court safely and meet with their team/coach.

Q. How will umpiring work?
A. Each club is to provide their own umpire for every club game. Phoenix Netball Club will ensure paid umpires are provided for Phoenix games. Unfortunately, due to COVIDSafe limitations, we aren’t able to provide umpire mentoring or umpire assessment at DPNA in 2020, which means no badging. However, we are looking at other umpiring opportunities we could provide at a club level. 

Q. Will we still get trophies and team photos?
A. No, we have reduced season fees so there will be no trophy or team photos for the 9-WEEK BLAST.

Q. Will there be a presentation day at the end of the season?
A. No. There will not be a presentation day for the 9-WEEK BLAST. Instead, we are planning to have a club event for all members (including players who don’t play in the 9-WEEK BLAST) to celebrate the clubs 10 year anniversary.

Q. Are you accepting new registrations?
A. New members will be accepted if the club has team positions available. 

Q. Can I play in the NQ State Age Carnival in a representative team without having played in a club competition?
A. Check with your Association



DPNA 9 Week Blast - Round 1
DPNA 9 Week Blast - Round 2
DPNA 9 Week Blast - Round 3
DPNA 9 Week Blast - Round 4
DPNA 9 Week Blast - Round 5
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