Experienced Umpires

Experienced umpires may wish to request to be tested for Junior & Netball Queensland National Badges


  1. Complete the Level 1 Umpires Course which is now called Foundation Umpire Course. The course can be found on the Netball Queensland site. Please note: You will need to pay online to complete the course which is the minimum requirement for badging.
  2. Upon completion email your certificate and receipt to umpiring@phoenixnetball.org.au and we will refund the amount in the subsequent round of umpire payments. 
  3. Obtain Game experience, mentoring and experience in competitive divisions. Please make contact with the Umpire Convenor if you wish to be mentored towards badging.
  4. Request to be tested for Association junior badging (equivalent to sound umpiring of 12s div 1 games – testing is done on these games) 
  5. Attain National Badge (if appropriate)

Mentoring Available

Please make contact with the Umpire Convenor if you wish to be mentored towards badging.
We have experienced National Badged umpires who are there to assist and provide mentoring for all umpires and those who are nearing National Badge testing. 
There is an expectation that once an umpire has a junior badge or National Badge that you will be available to assist with mentoring of less experienced umpires.

Association Junior Testing

This is done following mentoring and games on high level 11’s and 12’s (usually div 1). 
Phoenix arranges this process in conjunction with DPNA. 
Testers are Badged Umpires. 

National Badge Testing

Once an umpire has been assessed by a suitable official as being ready for testing Phoenix must supply a formal written request to DPNA.  DPNA then at their discretion may watch the umpire for all or part of a game over the subsequent weeks.  This is sometimes called screening and is done on higher levels of games.   

Following notification by Phoenix to DPNA the actual badging process requires DPNA to register a testing panel with Netball Queensland.  Independent and Nationally Badged umpires are used to adjudicate. This must be performed on games of 4 x 15mins quarters and you are tested and graded over the entire game. 
Panel testing is undertaken on high division Intermediates (usually Div 1) or Opens games (no lower than Opens Div 3).  


A White Phoenix Netball Umpire shirt will be provided by the Club once National C Badge is achieved.   

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