Be COVIDSafe (updated 31 March 2022)


Whether a player, coach, manager, volunteer, parent or guardian, everyone, is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of our Phoenix Netball Club members and the wider DPNA community.  As such, Phoenix Netball Club asks that all members:

  • Stay home from training / fixtures if they have any symptoms of COVID-19, no matter how mild
  • Follow isolation and / or quarantine advice from Queensland Health if they have COVID-19 or are a close contact of someone who has COVID-19
  • Maintain good hand hygiene and cough etiquette
  • Sanitise equipment at the end of training / fixtures
  • Social distance (1.5m) outside the field of play (as practical)
  • Contact the clubs COVID-19 Safety Coordinator with any COVIDSafe questions


Frequently Asked Questions (updated 31 March 2022)

Who  is our COVID-19 Safety Coordinator?

Renee Izzard
COVID-19 Safety Coordinator
0420 374 141

Can I train / play if I have COVID-19?

No.  Members must follow isolation advice from Queensland Health.  Please advise your Coach / Manager that you are isolating.

Can I train / play if I am a close contact of someone with COVID-19?

No.  Members must follow quarantine advice from Queensland Health. Please advise your Coach / Manager that you are quarantining. 

How long after isolating / quarantining can I return to training / fixtures?

Members can train / play when they leave isolationor end their quarantine as a close contact. 

I have finished isolating, but am still experiencing a mild dry cough.  Can I train / play?                                   

Yes. Members must follow advice from Queensland Health regarding ending isolation.  A graduated return to play is recommended.. Please advise your Coach / Manager when you are safe to return to training / fixtures. 

Do I need to check-in via the Check in Qld app?

No. As of 7 February, 2022 you no longer need to check-in via the Check in Qld app as there is no requirement to be vaccinated to enter Phoenix Netball Club.

Do you have a COVID-19 Safety Plan?

No. Outdoor based organisations are no longer considered a restricted business, activity or undertaking.  Therefore, Phoenix Netball Clubs is no longer required to provide a COVID-19 Safety Plan. 

How is Netball Queensland responding to COVID-19?

Netball Queensland send regular updates to our club appointed COVID-19 Safety Coordinator to ensure timely information is disseminated to our committee and members.

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