Registration Troubleshooting and FAQs

My daughter turns 7 this year can she play?

In 2019, Downey Park will allow players turning 7 years of age on or BEFORE 30th June 2011 to participate in the 2019 Winter season.

What day will we train?

Training will be determined by appointed team coaches and court availability and times.

What if I dont have or don't know MyNetball Username or Password?

How do I complete MyNetball Registration?

Terms and Conditions don't display

Problem: When I click on Terms and Conditions in MyNetball, it opens a new tab and displaying a message indicating that it cannot load the content.

Resolution: With certain browsers the links in Terms and Conditions opens a new tab, but displays an error. If you close the new tab , the original tab displays the pop up displaying the relevant Terms and Conditions.